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Our 98° on Saturday will feel more like 100° than 105°, for example. That might not be much, but it’s better than nothing. Another positive is that with rain chances near zero, your outdoor plans will not be interrupted by storms. Just keep in mind that sunscreen and a tall glass of water will be your best friends if you’re going to spend much time outdoor this weekend. The map zoom varies depending on nearby weather conditions. If there is no precipitation in your area, the zoom will be further out . When there is precipitation in your area, the map will zoom in to provide an appropriate level of detail.

  • You can use to look for people by their phone numbers or names, perform background checks, and check property records.
  • In the Google Play Store, tap “Install” to install Malwarebytes for Android on your device.
  • We develop data management software solutions designed to make encryption accessible and bring simplicity and organization to your everyday online life.
  • Click on ‘Close Account’ button, and confirm the account deletion.
  • Select Add to home screen, and confirm by tapping on Add to Home screen.
  • Click “Continue“, then keep following the prompts in order to continue with the installation process.

You can also receive precipitation notifications for locations in your weather list . To disable weather alerts from a third-party weather application on your Android device, follow the steps listed below. One of the effective ways to disable weather alerts and notifications on your Android device is to tweak the Google app notification settings.

Will Apples Lockdown Mode Finally Kill Pegasus Spyware?

That’s one way of launching Steam with admin privileges, but if you’re after a more permanent solution, there’s another thing to try. That’s all about it for modifying the “Target” address of the Steam app. Try starting the launcher now and see whether it starts up. You should be able to get going with the program now but if things still do not go your way, try what we’ve curated for you ahead. There’s one more trick that has been working like a charm for those who cannot get the Steam launcher to work on their end.

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You can open other videos on your iPhone, but the audio will continue to be streamed on your HomePod. You can switch back to your iPhone as the audio source from the same menu. The trick – first reported on Reddit and subsequently by Android Police – involves simply placing a period after the .com in the URL of the video you’re watching. This seems to remove all pre-roll ads, ads that might appear midway through the video and advertising overlays. SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Redditors have discovered a simple way to remove ads from YouTube videos by adding a period to the domain name. Note that you cannot do picture-in-picture with the YouTube app.

Nova Launcher 101: How to Hide Apps to Remove Icons & Free Up Space in Your App Drawer

Do not panic, the installer is just trying to find the exact version of Avast and replace it with this one. All previous versions on your system will automatically be removed and then updated with the current version. Avast may occasionally fail to update its virus definitions. This is a significant problem, but you can resolve it by following our comprehensive approach. This method enables you to launch Windows 10 with a minimal amount of programmes and drivers. Avast updates may potentially be obstructed by a software clash. Select the Hide all Microsoft services check box on the Services tab, then click Disable all.